Traffic and Travel Information

Union Terrace

The slip road between His Majesty’s Theatre and Union Terrace will be closed from 12 November to allow the construction of the ice rink as part of the Christmas Village. Winter maintenance on Union Terrace and its pavements during this period will be carried out by a tractor spreader.

Union Terrace will be closed from 18 November to accommodate the Christmas Village and there will be local traffic and bus route diversions.

Car Parking

Drivers are advised to use car parks on the side of the city they arrive in to try and reduce the amount of traffic crossing through the city centre, particularly at peak times and at weekends. For example:

• From the south please use public and private car parks on the south side of the city centre, such as College Street Car Park or Union Square Shopping Centre.
• From the north of the city or from the A96 Inverness/Elgin road use car parks in the north of the city centre such as East North Street or the Bon Accord Shopping Centre.
• From the west you can use Chapel Street or Denburn Car Parks.
• Drivers are also asked to make more use of Frederick Street and the part-time Marischal Street car parks.

Disabled Car Parking

The four disabled car park spaces on Union Terrace are to be moved and an extra two created: two on Diamond Street, two on Skene Terrace, and two on Rosemount Viaduct outside nos 41 to 45. In addition, five disabled car parking spaces created on the inset road at Schoolhill outside Robert Gordon’s College are to continue for the festive season. The existing disabled bays on Back Wynd and Little Belmont Street will also be operational.