This year’s coolest NYC Christmas trees to see

This year’s holidays may be a little uneven, but we can all agree that we deserve some cheer. Fortunately, the lively holly vibes are abundant among NYC Christmas trees.

From the more classic attractions (we’re looking at you, Rockefeller Center) to the more creative arrangements (wait till you see what’s going on at Queens County Farm), these gems are sure to bring back memories.

Visit one of these Instagrammable Christmas displays with the kids and snap a pose! Check out our December activities schedule for great drive-thru light shows for families near NYC if you want to be socially isolated but still enjoy the season.

Without further ado, here are the best Christmas trees in New York City!

The Rockefeller Center is a landmark in New York City

The internet went crazy over the Rockefeller Center Christmas trees, shall we say, humble beginnings. Its stowaway owl stole the show from the tree for a brief moment. We can assure you that now that the beloved attraction is illuminated and looking presentable—rather than a metaphor for the year 2020—it is a sight to behold!

However, this year’s visits to the tree are different. If you want to see the Norway Spruce, make sure you know all the rules and regulations before going.

Scotland in the winter is awe-inspiring. Take a whiff of the air; it’s crisp and clean. The lights of the Christmas markets twinkle like jewels across the city, luring delighted customers in. Hotels and bars around the country are lighting fires and drawing the curtains to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for tired travelers. While the rest of the country prepares food, drink, and entertainment for the year’s greatest party, Hogmanay, when Scotland welcomes the new year, Christmas in Scotland offers all of the ingredients for a wonderful holiday vacation.

The lights from the crowded stalls twinkle like pearls. The scent of warm mulled wine drifts across the chilly night air. The ice rink is filled with laughter. A Christmas market is unbeatable for creating a magical atmosphere. In Glasgow and Edinburgh, large European-style markets with pubs, food booths, rides, shows, and events. Similar winter celebrations can be seen in Perth, Aberdeen, and many other communities around the country.